3 Online Dating Trends In The U.K. That Will Affect Your Search

Online dating is definitely the most popular way to meet single people living in your area, and in the U.K. 1 out of 5 encounters on online dating sites turns into a long-term relationship, so it’s definitely time to brush up on those online conversation skills! January and February are the two months that see the most traffic on online dating sites as many people feel lonely after the holidays and embark on an online journey in search of love, and also because plenty of people look for Valentine’s Day dates on the Internet.
online dating

That being said, early spring is the perfect time to join the online dating community because those people who are active at that time are not desperate individuals trying to wash off the stigma of being single around the holidays, but actually people who are willing to try new things without much pressure. Given that right now is the perfect time to join, let’s look at some of the online dating trends shaking up the dating scene all over U.K.

Online dating trends in the U.K. are so strong they are practically etiquette so it’s advisable to stay informed on what’s hot and what’s frowned upon among the online dating community. For instance, being real and honest in your profile and conversations you have on online dating sites is very trendy this season, plus that way your search will be more efficient as you won’t waste time on non-compatible matches.

People will appreciate your honesty and effort to find your soulmate, and it will be easier to recognize phonies trying to work their way into your life when you get a message from a 60-year-old when you specifically said you were looking for singles aged 35-45. Posting too much information can definitely be a hit or miss, so share what’s important to you and what reveals parts of your personality that you want to match with your potential other half.

Another trend on online dating sites in the U.K. is to keep in mind that bathroom selfies and other provocative pics are out and photos from outdoor adventures and activities are highly praised. Who posts bathroom selfies online anyway? In any case, in with the new and out with the old, natural photos doing everyday things and looking laid back are also another popular option if you’re not a particularly outdoorsy. They convey a sense of normalcy and show people you are a down-to-earth, relatable person.

Posting pictures on online dating sites can be a tricky business because you don’t want to reveal too much but should still keep it sexy. The unwritten rule is to go for classy photos that can’t be used against you in any context, be it privately or professionally.

When it comes to following online dating trends in the U.K., we’ll certainly strive to keep you in the loop. Otherwise, when in doubt, keep it real and keep it classy and you’ll definitely find success.