5 Major Reasons Why Online Dating Is Keeping Romance Alive In The UK

Although online dating has been around for quite some time now, some people still believe that this trend isn’t exactly the most positive thing that could have happened to true romance.

Most haters will say that joining an online dating site makes you a lonely, desperate person. However, there are some things that beg to differ.

In that name, let’s take a look at the United Kingdom and how the online dating community manages to keep the spark of romance alive in this country.
Romance Alive

1. Sheer Numbers

If you thought online dating was something only a handful of people are actually a part of, you were wrong.
Yep, everybody’s doing it!

In fact, this year’s surveys claims that there are over 7 million registered online daters in the UK. If this massive number doesn’t increase your chances at finding a partner online, we don’t know what will.

2. Online Chatrooms

Using a dating website isn’t always as simple and straightforward as some people think.

Most online dating sites actually have these handy little things called chatrooms. They allow users to:

  • Freely talk about whatever they want
  • Meet new people without much effort
  • Share their experiences, hopes, and dreams

Pretty handy, indeed.

3. Commitment

When you approach someone at the bar and you actually succeed at initiating contact, but you’re not sure if that person is right for you – you’re most likely to just give up and move on.

In the online dating world, however, things work a little bit differently. Once two users start talking to one another, they develop the feeling of commitment and they tend to stick to it in order to find out if there’s any chemistry between them.

4. Specific User Groups

At first, online dating wasn’t as niche-oriented as it is today. But as time went on, more and more niches started popping up and now we can witness thousands upon thousands of sites that were designed for catering to specific user groups.

You can come across dating sites for:

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Gays
  • Christians
  • Vegans
  • Gym-goers
  • Bikers
  • And many more

5. Combining The Old With The New

One of the best traits of online dating isn’t rejecting traditions, but giving the old a chance to coexist with the new.

In other words, there have been many cases in which a couple would meet online, but would further build their relationship via more traditional means. These include:

  • Going on real-life dates
  • Writing letters
  • Sending gifts