5 Online Dating Mistakes Men Often Make

Online dating and real life dating are two quite different worlds, but they do have something in common. In both those types of dating, the man makes the first move, at least most of the time.

Since that is kind of the rule of thumb, we decided to help all those male rookies that are just entering the world of online dating. We selected 5 most frequent mistakes men make when they try to contact the girl online.

Here are some absolute deal breakers that you should avoid at all times.
Online Dating

Sending A Boring First Message

Well, this may not be the deal breaker, but if you send some stereotypic or generic first message, it’s very likely that she won’t notice you at all. Remember, she gets a lot of messages on a daily basis, so you got to stand out of the competition.

You have to be unique.

Don’t send something like “Hey, you’re very beautiful. I like your profile and I think we have a lot of things in common. Would you like to go out with me?”

At first glance, this message seems ok, right? But it’s not. She gets a ton of messages like that, which means you need to be unique, witty and funny. Avoid clichés like this and try to make her laugh. Girls love guys that are able to make them laugh.

Using Non-Standard Speech Or Style Of Writing

Don’t write something like “Talk 2 you l8r”, that is just wrong, ok? When people do that, they just come across as immature and juvenile. That won’t attract any girl, trust us. Just remember that correct grammar, full sentences, and standard style of writing is the classiest way and best way to go. Bottom line is, if you’re interesting and funny enough, you won’t ever have to use tricks like that.

Waiting Too Long To Respond To Her Message

Guys will always tell you “Don’t answer right away! Wait three days, unless you want to seem desperate”. There is no truth in that. If the girl who texted you is the normal human being, she’s not interested in playing games.

Answering right away will only have a positive impact on your relationship. If you wait too long, she might easily lose interest and find someone who will provide her with the attention she deserves. So, don’t be a douchebag and always keep the conversation alive.

Making Dirty Jokes And Sexual Innuendos Too Soon

Unless you’re on some adult hook-up site, a sexual and dirty approach is an immediate deal breaker. Yes, we understand that she’s hot and that she seems flirty as hell, but for God’s sake, don’t open with a sex joke.

Leave that for later, when she’s more comfortable and when you get to know her better.


You may think that you’ll have a better chance of getting away with lies on an online dating site, but you’re wrong. The truth always finds its way to the surface.

We understand that you want to impress the girl you like, but don’t lie about who you are. That may amaze her at that moment, but eventually, the truth about who you are will come out. And then what? She will just walk away from the liar.

Trying to keep up the charade is quite a tough task. Just remember what the great Oscar Wilde once said: “Telling the truth means never having to remember what you said the night before.”

So, live by that rule and enjoy.