Do Brits Use Online Dating As A Means Of Cheating?

Cheating has existed ever since the human race established monogamy as the ideal love relationship type. Since the dawn of the idea of love as we know it today, humans have been making mistakes and slipping every now and then, thus breaking the gentle hearts of their chosen partners.

Alas, as long there’s monogamy, there will be cheating, because these two just can’t go one without the other. In a way, the combination of monogamy and cheating is the ideal romantic pair.

Let’s see how exactly.
Online Dating As A Means Of Cheating

Why Do We Cheat?

Apparently, that’s simply the way we are wired. Men and women have been quite ingenious when it comes to cheating. There’s just something in the fact that you can’t be with anyone else, because as we all know, the human mind likes to rebel.

Or is it the genitalia that does all of the rebelling?

Either way, modern-day relationships aren’t all that different from relationships back in the day, and cheating is not something that we’ve outgrown as a race. Although there are some exceptions that continue to fight the notion that “everyone cheats,” they are in very few numbers and they are hardly even noticeable in the sea of lying, double-standard relationships that look perfect on the outside.

Cheating And The Internet

Love in modern times seems to be the far most unreachable goal, even with all of the perks and different ways of finding it. On the other hand, cheating has never been so easy. Humans have been finding ingenious ways of getting down and dirty with someone they shouldn’t for thousands of years, and they’ve quickly adapted to the internet as a means of doing just that.

For the average unfaithful partner, the internet (and dating sites and apps in particular) represents a hunting safari.

When it comes to lovers in the United Kingdom, the situation isn’t much different. Even with the centuries-long perfection of the can’t-be-bothered-with-anything look on their faces, Brits are not strangers to cheating.

But the question is: are they sticking to old ways of straying away from the fence, or are they more inclined to using online dating to find someone to cheat on their partner with?

Brits Have Fully Adapted

According to some studies, the people of Britain have fully adapted to online dating sites and apps as a means of cheating. Brits often find themselves engaging into conversation with someone who may endanger their relationship.

The most common type of British cheater is the “married man.” Although they will never leave their wives and families they’ve established (at least in 95% of all cases), they will definitely not ignore the chance of stumbling upon someone on the web.

Even more so, they’re inclined to making online dating profiles in order to find someone compatible online. In fact, there are several dating sites that specifically cater to married men who are looking for someone with whom they can cheat on their partners (and vice versa, to people who want to date a married man).

Women, on the other hand, are less likely to cheat on their partners after marriage (although this situation is not totally unlikely).

The most common type of the female cheater is the woman who has been in a long-term relationship and has fallen into the “relationship death bed” pit. Much like men, they have also fully adapted to using online dating as a way of finding someone “on the side,” although there are not as much sites that cater to female individuals as the case is with men.

British women are also more likely to cheat on their partners without actually “doing the deed” with someone else, i.e. they’re more into sexting, and having a platonic relationship with someone on the side.

Different Types Of Online Cheating

If anything, online dating and the modern idea of finding love (and something on the side) has made things easier for everyone who can’t keep their pants on while being committed to one person.

Remember, cheating has many categories. Therefore it’s perfectly logical that it has transcended into the online sphere and blossomed into different types of online infidelity. In order to be unfaithful to their partners, Brits can sext, sexually video chat, and have platonic online relationships with someone else without ever meeting their No. 2 in person.