How To Choose The Perfect Profile Picture For Your Online Dating Profile

Online dating is one of the simplest ways of finding the perfect partner for you, and latest researches have shown that it is the third most common way of meeting romantic interests. Even more so, dating sites and apps are largely thought of as the best possible tactic for finding someone ultimately compatible.

If you’ve been considering joining the online dating community and signing up for an online dating service of some kind, you’ve probably been faced with the trouble of creating the “perfect online dating profile.”

Although it might seem as a true challenge, with a couple of easy tips and tricks, the perfect online dating profile is an achievable thing.

However, people seem to have less trouble with depicting themselves in written form than with merely choosing a photo. And we can understand why.

You can’t just pick any photo of yourself and upload it. There are lots of things that can make a photo great or horrible, and you have to have them all in mind while choosing your online dating profile picture. This pic will be the first thing that makes people notice you on a dating site or app, and it will either entice them into starting a conversation with you or it will make them run for the hills. A picture says a thousand words, but an online dating profile picture says a million!
Profile Picture

The Right Kind Of Quality

It’s really crucial for people to see what you really look like from the get go, and your profile picture will make that happen. It’s all about quality! Choose a headshot in which you’re smiling, and in a flattering (preferably natural) light. Don’t upload a highly-pixilated photo which looks like it was taken with a potato. Simple, yet in high-quality, is definitely the perfect combination for an online dating profile picture.

If you’re not too comfortable with a headshot, or you just want your online dating profile to be less resume-looking, you can opt for a full-length one that shows you doing some kind of activity that you love. Again, make sure that the quality of the photo is high.

The Style

When it comes to your own style, you shouldn’t present yourself as something or someone you’re not, even on an online dating profile picture.

If you dress a bit more casual on the regular basis, don’t post a profile picture in which you’re all dolled or suited-up, red carpet ready, and unattainable (unless you look like that every day). Save those kinds of pictures for the dating profile album.

It’s great to show off all of your different sides, but your profile pic should be the best representation of yourself when you are “the most yourself.”

Make-up should be subtle or as you usually wear it, but don’t go overboard! It’s the same with clothes. Men should avoid pictures in which they have hats, glasses, or scarves on – basically anything that hides their face. As we previously said, save those “looking cool” pictures for the album.

Show The Real You

It has been said a thousand time s before, but here’s another go at it – don’t Photoshop your profile picture!

People will notice if the pic is “over-photoshopped”, so you’re just avoiding the inevitable. And when they get to meet you in person, they’ll think of you as someone who’s not comfortable in their own skin, or even worse, untrustworthy and manipulative (because that’s how the human brain works).

Choose a picture in which you are relaxed, smiling, and looking comfortable both with your surroundings and yourself.

Pick A Recent Photo

Online dating isn’t about creating a fantasy (that’ what porn is for) – it’s a way of meeting people with whom you can build a long-lasting, genuine, loving relationship with. Pictures older than two years (or even less, if you’ve changed something about your physical appearance) are a no-no.