Dating An American: Are Long-Distance Online Relationships Sustainable?

Long-distance online relationship is tough. There’s no argue about that. So many things can go wrong, while all the beautiful aspects of a working relationship and love tend to subside over time. However, there are many things a person can do to make sure their long-distance online relationship overcomes the physical separation and continues to flourish.

So, the answer to title question is definitely Yes, but the amount of work you need to put in can be rather overwhelming, which is why we wanted to go over some basic tips on how to make your long-distance online relationship last.
long-distance online relationship

Relationship Aspects To Cherish

The following traits are vital for pretty much any kind of relationship, however these tend to get emphasized even more when you find yourself in a long-distance online relationships. If you want your online love to survive and overcome all the hurdles that lay ahead, you both need to pay special attention to the following:

  • Trust & Honesty – These two are definitely one of the most essential aspects of an online love arrangement. However, trust NEEDS to be mutual. When one of you starts lagging behind, both physically and verbally, things might easily go downhill from there. Lack of mutual trust often leads to doubt, suspicion, jealousy, paranoia, and inevitably – breakup.
  • Commitment – Sustaining a long-distance online relationship is virtually impossible (pun intended) when you are not both equally committed to one another. Your partner may be thousands of miles away, but that doesn’t mean commitment is out of the picture. It is very much crucial for your love, especially when the aspect of separation is involved.
  • Personal Space – However absurd this may sound when we talk about long-distance relationships, giving your partner personal space is vital. Only when both parties are stand-alone units will there be room for trust, commitment and prosperity. Long-distance relationship partners tend to be even more suffocating due to the separation factor. Every relationship requires breathing space, even when breathing space is thousands of miles wide.
  • Being Systematic & Organized – Organizing, planning and scheduling can be crucial in a long-distance relationship. Trust, commitment, personal space, honesty – it can all be in vain if you two are not well-organized. This is where you will want to be diligent, consistent and punctuate, for only then will show your partner how much you respect them.

Make sure you make a schedule for your online communication, and stick to it as much as you can. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just online communication. Talk on the phone at least once a week. Send a short text message containing a funny esoteric reference from your personal life that only she/he will understand. Be romantic and write old-school letters. Write him/her a song, regardless of your poetic skills. Dare to introduce innovation into your communication. Remember, connection with your partner might turn out to be the most important element in keeping the spark alive.

While proximity tends to lead to partners taking each other for granted, members of a long-distance relationship often know better and savor the time they spend together. Even if their “together” means they are thousands of miles away.