Here’s What Online Dating Users Value The Most In Others

There was a time when the only way to find love was through conventional dating. You would go on countless blind dates, spend a lot of time (and money) on them, but you were usually left disappointed and dissatisfied.

However, nowadays we live in the era of internet. This gave birth to online dating – an upgraded, more efficient form of dating which requires very little from you and does most of the work by itself.

And while online dating works differently than traditional dating, there are some similarities when it comes to communication and presenting yourself to other people.

That’s why we’re here today – to reveal to you what online dating users value the most in others.
Online Dating

The True Qualities

As we’ve said above, online dating sites condone a very different process than the one found in normal dating. Not only is interaction with others different, but path towards finding a potential partner is also completely new when compared to what most of us are used to.

It all starts with the creation of your profile. No matter which dating service you choose, setting up a profile is pretty standard and doesn’t deviate from the norm too often. You choose a screen name, you upload a photo, and you input some information about yourself – think of it as Facebook, but exclusively for singles.

That being said, you can now understand why your profile defines you the most on online dating sites. It tells others what you look like, what you’re interested in (both in terms of romance and life in general), and gives them some insight into what kind of person you really are.

The trick is to use this to your advantage.

Create your profile in such a way that you can show off all of your qualities and skills without coming off as pretentious and cocky. This way you will get the most attention from the exact type of individuals you would be interested in.

Being Honest

Basically, this is where online dating gets pretty close to traditional dating. The biggest and most important quality both men and women value in their potential partners is – without a doubt – honesty.

Everything starts and ends with it, as it is ultimately what makes the difference between a working relationship and a failed one.

Just imagine this scenario:

You find someone interesting online, you talk to them and they claim they have all these wonderful attributes. However when you meet that someone in real life, you realize that they are in no way what they say they are, which leads to you being disappointed or even angry.

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to be straight with people you meet on online dating sites.

Secondly, we have confidence. This is essential for both online and offline dating – it just works differently on the internet. You can also call it persistency, self-respect, and even consistency, but we believe confidence defines it best.

In short, without confidence you will never be successful at online dating. Even the best dating site can’t help you if you don’t believe in yourself. Try to feel good in your own skin and show your true self or you’ll never find your soul mate, regardless of whether you’re looking for them on the internet or in a bar.