How To Instantly Recognize An Online Dating Scam

When it comes to love, or a mere possibility of that sublime feeling, we all can sometimes be reckless and impulsive, no matter how reasonable, rational and careful we might be otherwise. Online dating opens so many new love prospects that we can easily be blindsided by all these potential relationship candidates, and we often fail to see the real person behind that attractive and intriguing avatar.

This is exactly why we decided to delve a little bit deeper into this serious issue and give you basic tips on how to instantly recognize a fake online dating profile and avoid online dating scam. Thousands of people lose money over their feelings every day, so make sure you are not one of those poor romantic souls.

Here’s our 411 on recognizing an online catfish.
Online Dating Scam

Suspicious Profile Pic

This is not always the case, of course, but professional, stock-y photos are usually seen as a first sign of a fake profile. What you would want to see is an amateur-like profile pic. Also, make sure there are more than just one. If the photo looks suspicious, search Google for that picture. If it turns out there are more identical photos online, that means you are probably dealing with a fake profile. Water marks are also huge red flags.

Data Discrepancies

When opting for online dating, you will want to become sort of a data detective. Check their basic info for any kind of discrepancies and inconsistencies. For instance, the user’s physical description (weight, height) needs to be proportional, while the profile photo needs to add up to the description as well. Should you notice anything strange and peculiar, ask that person to have a little Skype video chat. If the person refuses, or comes up with some lame generic excuse, you might be dealing with an online dating scam.

Too Familiar Or General “About” Section

Online dating scammers have a tendency to have a generic “about” section. Introductory letters on dating platforms are often copied by catfish scammers, especially if they are new to the game. So make sure you Google their “about” section and if you find exactly the same information appearing elsewhere online, that means it has been copied from someone else, and that profile is not genuine. This is usually the case with foreign scammers who pose as locals, as they are prone to having inconsistencies with their info and tend to slip up here, which leads us to our next tip:

Be A Grammar Nazi

Always pay attention to their spelling and/or grammar mistakes. If their language sounds a bit odd, that probably means you are talking to someone in a far-off country who is posing as a person from your region.

Too Nosy & Not Taking Things Slow

If the person becomes too serious too soon, you might be dealing with a scammer. Make sure you take things slow, and if that person turns out to be rushing things, ask them to back off. Fake online dating profiles usually make the first move much too soon. Remember, if it doesn’t feel right and things aren’t taking its natural course, that often means it is a scam.

They Ask For Money

This one is usually THE red flag. If the person starts asking for your money and come up with some crazy stories on why they need it right away, that profile is as fake as they come and you should lock them out of your life once and for all. End any communication right away and never ever look back.