Online Dating 101: How To Figure Out If Someone Is Lying To You

Truth be told, online dating is currently one of the best ways to find love in this modern world, even when compared to traditional dating. Everything regarding online dating is precise and efficient and therefore more likely to give good results.

But as in the offline world, people also tend to lie and exaggerate on online dating sites.

Some feel like they need to compensate, others brag so much they don’t know when to stop embellishing. In any case, here’s how to figure out if someone is lying to you on an online dating site.
Online Dating

The Lie-Detector 3000

Don’t get us wrong – the world of online dating isn’t exactly infested with liars and dishonest people. However, a good portion of them is prone to fibbing, no argument there.

In fact, a recent survey of 3000 single online dating users showed that a little short of 60% of them tend to lie while creating their profiles on dating services.

In most cases, people lie on online dating sites in order to impress potential partners. Men usually lie about their age, employment, and even marital status, while women tamper with the info on their body shape and weight.

Some lies are more harmful than others, which is exactly why they can pose a problem and put you in an uncomfortable or awkward situation.

Big Trouble For A Small Lie

Lies can bring a lot of pain and disappointment, so let’s talk about how to see through someone’s attempt to bend the truth.

There’s actually a couple of things online dating liars commonly do that might just give away their true intentions or information. For starters, someone who is trying to deceive you will frequently repeat a certain word or phrase, or they will put a lot of emphasis on that detail.

When you ask them a serious question that might compromise their story, a liar will usually hedge their answer or completely change the subject. This might give you an idea exactly what this person is trying to hide.

If someone you met on a dating service keeps sending you emails or messages that seem a bit off, try to ask them to switch to phone or live video chat. This way you can at least make sure that this person is indeed the one you are chatting with.

The alternative is to ask for a fresh photo of them with a stamped-in time and date.

A liar will often brag about something people usually don’t find impressive only to cover up the actual truth. For example, a 6-foot-tall guy will rarely emphasize the fact that he’s tall, but someone who claims he’s tall but is actually 5’4” will clearly point out that’s he’s really tall.

All in all, it’s the small details you need to watch out for if you want to spot a liar while using dating services.