Why Is Online Dating In Britain More Popular Than In Other Countries

The once global phenomenon of online dating has become so mainstream that people tend to be shocked to find out that a single person isn’t looking for love via the worldwide web. It’s almost like they’ve forgotten how they used to meet potential partners back in the day. Alas, the modern digital dating culture is not going anywhere anytime soon, especially in some places where it’s starting to dominate over the most popular traditional ways of meeting someone.

When it comes to Europe, the United Kingdom is the most prominent ruler of the online dating sphere, as the majority of the British population looks to the internet to find love. But how did it come to this? Is Britain’s stock of love really that low in real life? Have Brits lost all of their interest in face-to-face communication, or do they work so hard that they just don’t have spare time to go out and about to find someone special? Or is it something else, something unexpected?
Online Dating

A Possibly Better Outcome

Turns out that the Brits really love statistics, and when it comes to all of life’s spheres, they’re more likely to go with something that has better stats than with something else. Just as they’re more likely to purchase a car that is statistically the safest one (with the smallest number of crashes and on-road incidents), they will turn to online dating to find their perfect partner because the stats don’t lie!

According to many studies, relationships between people who met on a dating site are 25% less likely to end in separation or divorce. On the other hand, relationships that started in more traditional ways (like chance encounters and meeting via acquaintances) are 25% more likely to end in general. Not only are relationships of couples who began dating thanks to online dating sites better when it comes to quantitative measures, they also have a lead when it comes to the quality of the relationship as well.

One study in particular was based on interviewing almost 10,000 married couples, out of which a third of them met their spouse online (mostly via a dating site). Those “online couples” were happier and generally more satisfied with their relationships than the couples that met through work, on a blind date, or in a bar. But how is this possible?

Experts say that the main reason for this phenomenon may be the number of available potential partners on dating sites. You’re bound to find at least one person that seems right for you among the thousands with just a few clicks! Also, as members of dating sites share information about themselves, everything is out in the open (likes, dislikes, hobbies, taste in music, etc.). There’s little room for potential disappointment.

The British And Online Dating

Literally millions of people in the UK are logging onto their profiles on various dating sites on a daily basis. In fact, the online dating population grows at least by 10% with each month. Although the dating sites are most popular among the 25-34 age group, they are becoming more and more popular among the older generation as well. With the biggest member-base in all of Europe, Britain’s population is determined to find that special someone via the statistically most successful way possible.