Online Dating In Northern Ireland: Mastering The Online Dating Etiquette

The Irish are funny about dating in general, and doing it online is no picnic, either. Have you ever seen Irish people asking strangers out for coffee?

Highly unlikely.

It’s a definite shame that the Irish aren’t a little more open towards meeting new people romantically, and we’d like to put a stop to that, and take a closer look at what you need to do on an online dating site in Northern Ireland to get a date.
Northern Ireland

Etiquette Rule #1: Actually Ask People Out

Mastering the online dating game in Northern Ireland isn‘t as tough as it sounds once you get it in your head that you’ll have to actually ask people out.

So, what you need to do to make the situation more comfortable is open a profile on an online dating site where you feel welcome, and start browsing immediately for compatible matches.

Once you find someone you like, write a short and engaging first message to break the ice. When the response comes in, steer the conversation towards friendly topics that will take the pressure off, such as little quirky things that happened to you that day.

If you like the person, do ask them out! They won’t bite your head off through your computer!

Things are very simple: if you don’t have the guts for this move you might just up alone and miserable. Not a good trade-off, now is it?!

Etiquette Rule #2: Good Luck Starting Over

Good luck starting over is a pretty scary aspect of online dating in Northern Ireland because everybody knows everybody!

Good luck finding someone you don’t have mutual friends with!

What this means is that you better be nice and polite, otherwise you’ll end up an outcast with no romantic prospects.

Be diplomatic in your strategy to find a perfect match. Reply to people’s messages, even if it’s to turn them down, and treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

This is pretty much the only way not to get a reputation in such a small community of singletons looking for matches. If you want to stand a chance you better be on your best behaviour.

Etiquette Rule #3: Learn to Give and Take Compliments

So, the Irish don’t talk about their feelings. Fine! But there have to be some little things that will give away whether an Irish person likes you or not.

That’s where compliments come in!

Nobody is forcing you to talk about your feelings if you don’t want to, but taking and giving compliments goes a long way both in the online and the offline world.

Practice giving honest compliments to the people you’re chatting with on online dating sites. Your compliments should be natural and from the heart.

This will make it easier for you to learn to accept nice things people say about you, and share your emotions about a person without explicitly talking about your feelings.

The more open you are in conversations with other people, the more likely it is you’ll forge honest friendships and establish romantic relationships.

It IS as simple as that.