Online Dating In Scotland: Why Are Scottish People Such Great Online Lovers?

Up until 5 or so years ago, people who met online were embarrassed to admit they were ever on an online dating site.

Fast forward to 2016 and we have a totally different attitude towards finding romance on the internet, thanks in part to the revolution of online dating introduced by online dating sites and apps.

Although online dating sites say it is difficult to estimate how many people use their services, we can say with certainty that they are looking at a pool of 15 million singletons in the UK as their potential clients.

And not only that! Recent research suggests that meeting online is the second most popular way to find a match right after meeting through friends.

So how has online dating gone from taboo to trendy in Scotland? Are Scottish people such great lovers that they dominate the romantic frontier anywhere they go?
Online Lovers

Reason #1: High Internet Usage

The number 1 reason why online dating in Scotland is so popular and turning the users into awesome lovers and partners is the high internet usage.

In this day and age it’s impossible to be offline for more than 5 minutes! Everywhere we go there is broadband and easily accessible devices that connect us to millions of other people in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, it’s completely natural that people have eventually started using this convenience to meet their romantic matches.

How many people do you know without a smartphone or a tablet?


Not only are we online all the time, we are given the option to enjoy meeting new people online using online dating sites and apps, which have taken the fun in online dating to a whole other level.

Reason #2: Affordability

The online dating business has been revolutionized not only by the app world but also by changing their own business model.

Most online dating sites are free to join and use, and only if you want all the mumbo jumbo that they have to offer do you have to pay.

Things used to be slightly different in this department. Opening a profile was free but sending messages usually required purchasing a membership. Today, you can use the entire site for free, which has enticed a lot more users from all over the country.

Those who decide to pay the membership can enjoy all the benefits for around £20 a month, which is still a pretty good deal!

Reason #3: Far Less Stigma

People have never been so busy and we all know meeting someone in a traditional way takes far more time than online dating.

Given that online dating has been beating most of the other types of matchmaking in a number of aspects for years and years now, naturally the stigma around it has slowly but surely been shattered.

People in all parts of Scotland are more open towards forging friendships and relationships on online dating sites, now more than ever, and they simply aren’t afraid to share their stories of how they’ve met their significant others.

Far less people believe that internet dating is only for the desperate than they did some 10 years ago, and it has basically become the norm all over the UK.