When Is The Right Time For Your Child To Start Using Dating Sites?

Having a kid isn’t easy, especially not in this day and age. New-age life has given us a lot of opportunities that weren’t possible before, however, it also kicked the danger-levels up a notch, especially on the world wide web.

We hear about the dangers of the internet on a daily basis, whether the potential harm comes from hackers, viruses, or scammers. However, another huge threat’s proximity is constantly in the back of the mind of every parent out there.
Dating Sites

Growing Up With The Internet

As today’s kids are basically brought up on the web, they spend almost every waking moment connected to it. That can be a good thing, as it allows them to be in sync with their friends and the whole word in general (which is incredibly important for the development of a child’s social skills), but it also makes them pretty vulnerable to people who don’t have their best interest at heart.

Whether the people in question are bullies, child molesters, or plain old jerks in the comment section, the threat is as real as real gets and it probably won’t ever go away.

But what can a parent do? Banning a child from spending time on the internet is not an option, and it will only alienate the kid from its peers and (basically) the whole world.

What can a parent do when he or she is faced with a dilemma concerning a particular part if the web – the dating sphere?

Online dating services come in many shapes and forms, and they work extremely well. They’ve proven to be a staple in modern romance, and many adults can’t imagine not using a dating site or app as a means of finding a partner. But those are adults, who are aware of the possible dangers and who know what they’re doing (allegedly).

The Dilemma

When it comes to using online dating sites, children are generally not yet aware of the full ratio of potential harm that can affect them on online dating services.

Also, the likeliness of your kid finding the perfect match at the age of 14 is practically non-existent. When faced with the dilemma of letting or not letting your child use a dating site, what is a parent supposed to do?

Is there the right time for a child to go into the online dating world?

The thing is that the child will eventually start dating either way, primarily in its teen years, so online dating is not an extreme option by default. They might meet someone at their school, at the supermarket, or in front of your house. Witnessing your child’s first steps into adulthood by becoming romantically involved with someone is hard, yet, it’s not a thing that can be ignored.

It will happen sooner or later, in one way or another. Therefore, an online dating site for teens and young adults is not a completely strange concept.

The biggest issue here is the age mark. At what age should a child start using or be allowed to use an online dating site?

“The Goldilocks Zone”

Many experts and parents agree that the appropriate age is somewhere in the middle of their teen years. As most people’s first experience with dating is between the ages of 15 and 17, it’s commonly agreed that a child can start using an online dating service of some kind at that age.

However, it’s important to alert the child of all possible dangers, whether they come from its peers or someone older.

The best choice for your kid’s first online dating experience should be a teen dating site, but make sure you explain to your kid that anyone can pretend that they’re something they’re not on the web.

Have a lot of talks about the subject with your child, and prepare them as much as you can for the (often harsh) dating world that awaits your kid.