Top 3 Reasons Why Online Love Is More Likely To Last In The UK

Traditional dating is so 1999! With the pace of life in 2017, online dating is definitely the right way to go. Not only does traditional dating require a lot more time and money, relationships that are forged online are a lot more likely to last!

Let’s look at some of the reasons why online dating works and why love found online has a better chance in the UK than the love found by chance in the offline world.
Online Love

Reason #1: Most People Meet Online

Young professionals who have extra cash but are short on time basically live online, from shopping and socializing to getting a better education.

It’s therefore no wonder that dating online has sooner or later surpassed all other forms of meeting new people and starting new relationships. Which is exactly what’s happened!

When most relationships start on the internet, it’s logical that statistically such relationships last longer on average than relationships of people who’ve met by chance in a pub, on the street or in any other offline way.

Reason #2: Online Couples Are More Compatible

Research conducted in the UK has shown that people who meet online are better matches than people who meet in traditional ways.

Most online dating sites operate on the principle that members are matched based on their personality traits and lifestyles, particularly those who meet on specific niche sites, such as biker, Christian dating, vegan, over 40, over 50 or similar online dating sites.

It’s therefore not surprising that such compatible matches are more likely to last, while it is pretty much a hit or miss scenario in the offline dating world.

However, state-of-the-art software on online dating sites ensures you’re introduced to someone who shares your beliefs and values, and has all the qualities you’re looking for in your other half.

Some sites even go as far as to find you a match based on your DNA, which ensures a more satisfying life, a longer relationship, and higher fertility rates!

Reason #3: It’s a Numbers Game

Researchers from the University of Chicago say that the sheer number of available singletons online is so vast that you’re bound to find someone you can have a stable relationship with.

Scientists also agree that there is another, perhaps crucial factor, that makes online relationships and marriages last longer.

People who come to online dating sites are more inclined towards long-term relationships and marriages in the first place. Therefore, they attract other members who want the same thing, and those couples are more likely to make it work.

Pure chemistry, which is what usually attracts people when they have face to face contact is usually not enough to make a relationship last. However, couples matched based on the same agenda simply share the same goals.

Most of them want to have a stable family life, and they often end up getting just that.

What about you?