How To Turn Someone Down Gracefully On An Online Dating Site

Self-esteem and confidence are extremely fragile things. They are really hard to gain and when they’re hurt, people tend to lose them in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s really important to be careful with people’s feelings.

When it comes to dating, rejection is quite normal. It is an everyday thing, but it is never pleasant. You may think that turning someone down on an online dating site is not a big deal because it’s not personal like in real life dating, but that is just wrong.

Being cruel and mean to someone online can also cause serious damage to someone’s feelings and self-esteem. So, we wanted to help every online dater out there to learn how to reject someone with the respect he or she deserves.

Here are some crucial tips.
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Be Polite, But Honest

Being honest can be really awkward and painful sometimes, but in a long run, truth is always better than lies and false hope. You should always be completely honest and direct because if you don’t connect on any level, it’s better to end it right away then to waste time on both ends.

Yeah, it can be harsh, but you must not give them false hope because you’ll end up hurting them even more. Just politely state that you’re not interested. A nice compliment and a gratitude for their interest will mean a lot to them, so have that in mind. It will make the whole rejection less awkward.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Before you decide to be mean, you have to remember how you felt all those times you were rejected by someone you really liked. We’ve all been there and it’s horrible. So, don’t be mean and make sure you treat them like you would want to be treated if you were the one being rejected.

Remember, it takes a lot of courage to ask someone out or to confess that you have a crush on someone, so the very least you can do is to show some appreciation for the flattering gesture. Don’t act like you’re disgusted or offended by their interest in you.

Even though they are not your type, be gentle and graceful because some day the tables might turn and you would want to be rejected with an amount of respect every human being deserves.

Do Not Ignore Them!

This is maybe the worst thing you can do to someone who has shown interest in you. It’s better to be harsh and direct, at least that way they’ll know it’s time to move on.

When you ignore people you’re basically messing with their minds. You’re giving them false hope and at the same time, you’re making them feel worthless because you don’t even want to dignify their flattering gesture with a respectful response.

Again, just remember how crappy you felt the last time someone ignored you and pretended you don’t exist. Don’t be a coward, give them closure and allow them to move on.