These Are the Most Used Pick-Up Lines In Britain

The British have always been pretty ingenious when it came to the usage of their own language. After all, the nation that gave birth to legendary wordsmiths like Shakespeare, Dickens, Austen, and many more.

And where does the brilliance of a wordsmith shines the brightest? Well, in the romance department of course.

Pick-up lines range from funny to genius, and from creepy to awkward. When it comes to the Brits, they’re pretty clever in creating pick-up lines of every genre.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular pick-up lines among the Brits at the moment.
Pick-Up Lines

“The Ugly Boyfriend”

If you’re a guy to whom nature and genetics were not too generous when it comes to physical attributes, there’s one pick-up line you could use that will surely cause a good reaction.

  • Do you have an ugly boyfriend?
  • No?
  • Want to have one?

You’ve probably learned by now that you have to rely on your character and sense of humor to get a girlfriend, and this pick-up line is one of the surest ways of reaching that goal.

Moving onto the:

“The Titanic”

Icebreakers are really important because they usually determine how a conversation develops. In terms of romantic courtship, it’s not rare to hear that the actually term of “icebreaker” is used in, well, an icebreaker.

  • Titanic
  • What?
  • Sorry, not a good icebreaker.

Whether this particular pick-up line is good or not depends usually on the person on the other side of it.

“The Sean Connery Effect”

According to a legend (and the internet), iconic Hollywood actor Sean Connery was the creator of this amusing yet slightly awkward pick-up line. Although the reaction depends on the recipient of this infamous James Bond-ish conversation starter, it presumably causes the same amount of shock and laughter.

  • My magic watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear.
  • Well, your watch must be broken, because I am in fact wearing underwear.
  • Damn thing must be ten minutes fast…

However, we must advice that you use it wisely, as it might come off as creepy.

“The Cheesy Intoxication”

When it’s right, love can makes us feel drunk and out of our minds, even during our first encounter. The majority of people felt instantly attracted to someone beyond the physical aspect at least once in their lives. This (incredibly cheesy) pick-up line should be used at those times.

  • I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.

Be aware that this “old but gold” pick-up line might cause nausea.